Yusra Jinaan Foundation 


Our Work So Far

In the last 12 months we have been working on the following:

Parent information sessions

In discussion with the local health visiting and portage teams, we are working with Marlow Opportunity Playgroup (MOP), the only early years educational setting for disabled children in South Buckinghamshire, to provide Parent Information Sessions.

These are open to parents of children on the waiting list at MOP and also to those families whom the health visiting and portage teams feel would benefit. They cover common topics such as the Education Health Care Plan (EHCP), benefits, and common medical conditions that children with disabilities endure. They provide a platform for parents to network and share learning through peer-support.

Provision of specialist assessments

We are working with Marlow Opportunity Playgroup (MOP), the PACE Centre, and a local independent SLT and OT provider to organise targeted assessments for children who are at the greatest need. 

These children have not seen a specialist for an assessment on their speech, language, and communication needs, creating significant issues which are preventable. Through our investment at MOP, we are giving 12 children and their family the opportunity to spend time with experts in how to communicate with their child. The staff at MOP are also present at these reviews and we are collectively skilling up the workforce in the setting.

Furthermore, we have secured a grant from PACE to provide adaptive assisted communication (AAC) training to staff so they are able to use switches and other advanced communication tools in setting. This is supported by an additional grant that we provided MOP to develop an AAC Library where tools can be loaned and trialled out by families, before being ordered by the NHS.

Mainstream inclusion

Community outreach

What's next?

Alongside continuing with the above projects, here are some plans for the year ahead:

Ramadan 2023 Campaign: Family Support Box

We are developing a support box on hospital wards that is given to families who have an early years child with additional needs - a helping hand at their side during tough hospital admissions where conventional toys are not accessible. 

Upskilling Communities: Communication Training 

Many family members and friends of children with additional needs dont know how to communicate with them and so, they don't. This leads to very avoidable isolation both for the children but also their parents and carers. YJF is looking to solve this problem by upskilling families and communities to unlock the magic of connection with the children around them. 


Carers' Mental Health Support

We are planning a mental health workshop as a space for carers to learn how to look after their wellbeing.