Yusra Jinaan Foundation 

Our work is about bringing ease to children with disabilities and their families.


Every child is a blessing, and none more so than those who have additional needs. 

Join us at the Yusra Jinaan Foundation as we work to make things better for these children, their carers, and the communities that they are part of.

Our Work So Far

Carer information sessions

YJF has already equipped 2 waves of Buckinghamshire parents and carers with the knowledge and confidence to navigate health and social care for their child in Autumn / Winter 2022 at the Marlow Opportunity Playgroup (MOP).

Funding assessments

YJF has funded and organised 12 targeted speech and language / occupational therapy assessments for children who are at the greatest need but missing out due to NHS waiting lists. Our parent testimonials speak for themselves and we are grateful to be able to have facilitated these with your donations. 

Mainstream Inclusion

YJF is teaming up with Makaton Charity to develop more culturally diverse signs.

We've also had discussions with Ronald McDonald Charity Homes to improve inclusion for families from faith communities in their homes.

What's next?

Ramadan 2023  Campaign: Support Box

We are developing a a support box on hospital wards that is given to families who have an early years child with additional needs - a helping hand at their side during tough hospital admissions where conventional toys are not accessible. 

Communication Training

Many friends and families do not know how to communicate with children with additional needs. YJF is looking upskill families and communities to unlock the magic of connection with the children around them. 

Carer Mental Health Focus

We are planning a series of mental health workshops as a space for carers to learn how to look after their wellbeing and network with other carers in their locality. 

How you can help